Home Theater Equiment and Installation Pricing. Seattle Area.

I encourage prospective clients to read the following discussion about the realities of pricing in today’s marketplace.

Home Theater Equiment and Installation Pricing. Seattle Area.

An open discussion about pricing

As you consider my bid against others for this project, you will likely find a wide range of prices, and with that unfortunately comes a wide range of work quality.  10-15% of Washington state electrical contractors are not licensed, bonded, and insured, and because of that they can offer you a discounted price. Many big box installers offer a very low price and later you find out that the service is a-la-carte and doesn’t include a lot of what you want done. So price alone does not tell the entire story, and indeed, a low price is cause for caution. Many installers cut prices to drive business and find themselves out of business because they can’t make a profit.  This is not good news when you need help after  the  installation.

Many installers are glad to take your money, but afterwards if you have problems, they are reluctant to help you. Pro Sound and Vision is very responsive to post-installation problems. Our service is extraordinary and may cost a little more (see why by clicking on “Reviews”). You will need to decide whether that level of service and the peace of mind that comes with it are worth the slightly higher cost. The old adage “you get what you pay for” rings true in the world of audio and video.

Pro Sound and Vision offers you the following:

  •  I will do what I say I will do. Unfortunately this is not always the case with other companies.
  •  I will be your single point of contact. You will have my full attention from planning to installation to education about the system, and particularly afterwards, if any issues develop. You will never be bounced from one department to the next or have to hassle with missed appointments. No subcontractors unknown to you will arrive at your house.
  •  I and my electrician work efficiently and you will be charged only for the time spent, which likely will be less than the estimate.
  •  You will have the benefit of my extensive industry knowledge and experience, such that I will help you get the highest quality for the money you spend.
  •  With a background as a professional musician, I have a keen ear for great sound. This unusual knowledge provides one more reason why I can be very helpful to you in wisely choosing your components.
  •  And finally, if you have a budget figure in mind, I will do my best to stay within that budget.  We will work together on price so that you are comfortable.  I look forward to working with you.

George Pro

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David Blanchard

I highly recommend using Pro Sound and Vision. George Pro is the best. 

Brian Hadfield

George and his installation team were prompt, professional and courteous. 

Jim Grazko

I highly recommend George due to his expert technical knowledge base, excellent customer service and strong work ethic. 

Brian Thompson

The hanging of our TV was top-notch and done on time and on budget. 

Patty and Jim Vucinovich

He goes above and beyond what you would expect, and exemplifies the top-line service you can’t get from the big shops. 

Scott and Mary Berg

George has been extremely conscientious regarding teaching us how to operate the new entertainment system. 

Geoffrey H. Steere

Once again I have reason to praise the customer service provided by George Pro of Pro Sound and Vision. 

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