Home Theater Installation Seattle


Is your dream of having a private movie theater in your very home finally coming true? Are you looking around for experienced professionals to hire for home theater install in the Seattle, WA area? Let your search end right here!

A premier local home theater installation company, Pro Sound and Vision is the perfect choice for helping you make one of the most ambitious investments of your life and one of the most desirable additions to your home.

Call us now to get your home theater installation project in Seattle started. Watching movies is the all-time favorite type of entertainment. However, this has become quite expensive. A home theater install offers a cost-effective way of experiencing the pleasure of the movies.

You spend once on the audio-visual system and enjoy a lifetime of movie theater experience without annoyances like:

  • Overcrowded venues
  • Overpriced tickets and snacks
  • Tiring commute to and from the theater

Home Theater Install Seattle


We work on your home theater install to get you a system that is best-suited to meet your needs and fit your budget. To begin with, we make sure that you put your hard-earned money into high-quality audio and video equipment.

We carry most of the leading brands in:

  • Flat screen and curved TVs
  • Projectors
  • Speakers, amplifiers and outdoor sound systems
  • Cables, interconnects, and universal remote controls

We can also provide you with a surge protector, which is a must-have for home theater install in your Seattle area home. Our seasoned technicians can then assist you, if necessary, in selecting the best location for home theater installation to ensure optimum viewing capacity as well as pleasure.

Home Theater Seattle


The technicians that we put on your home theater installation job in Seattle come with rigorous training and vast experience. They can be trusted to complete the installation:

  • In quick time
  • Correctly and safely
  • Without needlessly tearing up the wall

We are committed to ensuring that your overall experience with us for the home theater install is pleasant and stress-free. That is why we focus not just on installing the system seamlessly, but also on extending excellent customer service.

We schedule the job at your convenience, treat you with utmost courtesy, cause minimal disturbance to your household activities, clean up after ourselves, and work at competitive rates. Hire the experts at Pro Sound and Vision for home theater installation in the Seattle area. Reach us at (425) 889-9499.