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Linda Kopp, Renton, WA. April 12, 2010

Good day George – I just wanted to thank you for your excellent and tireless customer service in troubleshooting our system and upgrading the universal remotes.

I also want to note that I am completely satisfied with my decision to purchase the ‘Richard Gray Power Conditioner 400 Pro.’ As you know I was very hesitant even though I had problems with my sound system that were caused by several power outages. Yes I read the information you provided about the considerable benefits, but it was still hard to spend the dollars required to make the purchase. Yes it has met the expectations that the company advertised. We already have an excellent television and sound system, so I was pleasantly surprised that the Power Conditioner noticeably improved the picture clarity of the plasma screen and also the sound quality. Thank you for recommending this essential piece of equipment. We watch golf and now I can see the slopes on the green and the individual blades of grass. grass.

I look forward to working with you in the future if I decide to expand or change my current system. I definitely will recommend you to my friends.


Rob Moyer, Kirkland, WA  January 10, 2010

I am happy to say you have passed the “Wife Factor” test with your work hanging two flat screens. Christine loved the mounts. We are both really pleased with your placement of the TVs and the meticulous quality of your work. You and your electrician Jeff Wagner make a great team.


David Blanchard, Kent, WA January 25, 2010

From the start of my search for a state-of-the-art audio video system, I had a vision of what we From the start of my search for a state-of-the-art audio video system, I had a vision of what we wanted. I thought it would be difficult to convey exactly what we needed, and I had a tall order. My daughter has special needs and is confined to a bed in a nursing home. She cannot sit up or turn her head on her own, so we envisioned a special setup with a big screen TV built into the top of a canopy bed. We also wanted everything else that would make this the best home theater system possible, such as superior surround sound, quality speakers, Hi Def, SD card slot for viewing digital pictures, Cds, DVDs, blu-ray, vhs cassettes, receiver, radio, head phones, master remote, you name it…

Our sole point of contact was the entire project was George Pro, and that was a good thing. George helped us plan every step of the way, including making sure that everything was up to fire code and Washington State regulations on nursing homes

Before I even told him that I would chose him over the other companies I had researched, he had already been to my daughter’s room 3 times to go over brainstorming and planning how we could make this all work, especially with the intricacies involved, such as not very much space in her room, and working around the other stuff that is in there. I had two other requests for bids, but surprisingly to me, neither was very responsive. One never called me back – they seemed very corporate-like, and not personable like George. In dealing with Pro Sound and Vision, George Pro was the guy that I dealt with consistently. He is a stand up guy about his service warranty; I’ve bugged him many times after the installation. I’m sure other places would have found a way to charge me for those calls too. Not George. He genuinely wants to help and will. As a small business owner, he knows it is his name and reputation on the line.

We needed a custom-built system all the way. George, along with his master electrician Jeff Wagner of Wagner Electric and his talented carpenter Steve Campbell of C & C Builders, created a masterpiece beyond what I had originally envisioned, and I am not easily impressed. In fact, I had been somewhat pessimistic along the way because I was worried that they would not be able to meet my high expectations, and I was trying to prepare for disappointment. They built a massive stained hand-rubbed oak canopy bed that fits perfectly around my daughter’s hospital bed. It has beautifully carved posts and was made with very high quality construction. The thing is solid, and it even smells wonderful. All of these people are true professionals.

They bolted it to the ground and put a 46 inch flat screen LED television into a giant sliding tray that can adjust depending on where my daughter’s head is pointed. There are also built in surround sound speakers, additional tower speakers, and a full cabinet of electronics.

George diligently worked long hours, offering to work late or on weekends to finish the project in a timely manner. He is always available for personal customer service, and he was very easy to get along with. This is worth its weight in gold. Pro Sound and Vision is a little more expensive, and I am a haggler, but I truly have seen his commitment to quality products and to customer service, and he did negotiate prices with me and offered different options. In the end, several months later, I am still satisfied.

I highly recommend using Pro Sound and Vision. George Pro is the best.


Jamie Cobb, Bothell, WA  August 13, 2009

Thank you, George, for all your help installing my home theater system.  My living room now comes to life with the TV you picked out, as well as the successful integration of the surround sound system.  I couldn’t wait to get home from work and see the finished product – my wife and I were blown away.  The TV you picked out was brilliant and the time and care you took to ensure all of the finer details were addressed, speaker wall mounts, speaker cord length, component setup, everything exceeded my expectations.  Lastly your customer service was top notch.  Your willingness to make yourself available if I ever have any issues is greatly appreciated, something I know I couldn’t get if I went to a big box store.  Not to mention the care you took to explain in an e-mail how my system works, since I couldn’t be around when you finished, was hugely appreciated.
Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.


Jim Denton, Madrona, WA  April 29, 2009

Personalized service – it’s why I went with Pro Sound and Vision. I didn’t want to be bounced between the different departments of a “big box” retailer when I went shopping for the three sound and video systems I needed for the new house. I found a refreshingly different approach in George Pro of  Pro Sound and Vision. George not only helped me design my systems when the house was in the planning stages; he also pre-wired the house when the framers were finished and then returned a year later to install and fine tune the equipment he had specifically selected. Meticulous attention to detail, a desire to give me what I wanted within my budget, and a friendly, relaxed approach, were the hallmarks of his excellent work. I am very pleased with the service and systems from Pro Sound and Vision, and I will be glad to serve as a reference.


Ray Risco, Mercer Island, WA  October 15, 2008

My experience with Pro Sound and Vision was excellent; George has an easy going consultative approach and is sensitive to the client’s budget and desired end product.  Throughout the process changes in the equipment set were discussed and options were presented that best met the client’s needs.   The end product is a theatre room which our family will enjoy for many years to come.


Scott and Mary Berg, Kirkland, WA May 14, 2008

With only a concept in mind (we wanted a home theater system that had the wow factor while not completely dominating the room with speakers and components), I began visiting retailers and searching the Internet.  I came across George’s site and was hooked by two things: first, the customer testimonials which were unanimously favorable; and second, photographs of installations.  Being cynical, I researched George as much as possible on the Internet and via phone calls to the Better Business Bureau and other local organizations and found nothing to cause me any hesitation.  Nevertheless, I was still uncertain about doing business with him until I met George in his showroom and understood his profound passion for the art of home entertainment system design and installation.

George worked with us to understand our requirements (low profile speakers and components, wiring in the attic, etc.) and shared many different possibilities with us.  Generally, we designed the system in concert with George with one notable exception: George felt very strongly that we needed to upgrade our center channel speaker and wasn’t afraid to share his opinion that this upgrade would give us the biggest bang for our buck.  We went with George’s recommendation even though it pushed us past our budget number and discovered, to our delight, that the system does EXACTLY what he promised.  It definitely has the WOW factor while leaving us a room that is not dominated by components or speakers.

In addition to his design services, George has been extremely conscientious regarding teaching us how to operate the new system, and working with us when we have questions about operations (even though it has been several weeks since he installed the system).  George exceeded our expectations and definitely lived up to the letters and photos on his website.  I recommend ProSound and Vision (George) without reservation.

Thanks George!


Brian Hadfield, Bothel, WA February 12, 2008

I was in the market for a home theater system and was very disappointed with my experiences at several local large audio/video retailers.  They were typically not interested in fitting into my budget, helping me understand the technology, and had were not very flexible with the type of equipment they wanted to provide.  In many cases I was not even able to audition the equipment that was proposed.

I came across George’s website and sent him an email asking for some information.  George promptly called me and from the first time we spoke it was clear that he was interested in working with me to find a system that not only looks and sounds great, but fits within my budget.  I was able to audition the equipment on more than one occasion and George was very patient in helping me understand the current technology and how that might affect my purchasing decisions.

During the installation, George and his team were prompt, professional and courteous.  The room the system was installed in had a number of challenges with speaker placement and cabling.  There were a number of complex problems during the speaker installation, but at no time did George or his team tell me the speakers couldn’t be placed where I wanted them, they simply figured out how to make it work.  Due to the complex nature of the installation, the speaker installation and cabling took a bit longer than expected but George made a point to stay late to make sure the system was setup for me at the end of the day.  He took the time to setup all of the components, configure the speakers and train me on the system before he left despite the fact that it was past the typical end of the day.

The type of customer service that George provided is rare in any industry, but in my experience is almost non-existent in the audio/video industry.  George is truly concerned with putting together a system that will make the owner happy while working within their budget.  I will use George for all of my audio/video needs in the future and would not hesitate to recommend him to family, friends and anyone in the market for audio/video assistance.


Rob and Terry Aronson, Kirkland, WA, December 22, 2007

George, thanks so much for the great job you did in installing our home theater system!  Your suggestions concerning the right equipment for our condo and viewing and listening desires were excellent, and we have been greatly enjoying our system.  Also, you were very conscientious about working when you said you would, and you were able to find ways to deal with nuances in our set up and those logistical obstacles that always seem to exist.  But most important, it was a pleasure working with you, including the time you have taken since installation to answer questions and help with implementation issues even long after the installation.  We are extremely happy with our system and with the professional way you set it up.

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David Blanchard

I highly recommend using Pro Sound and Vision. George Pro is the best. 

Brian Hadfield

George and his installation team were prompt, professional and courteous. 

Jim Grazko

I highly recommend George due to his expert technical knowledge base, excellent customer service and strong work ethic. 

Brian Thompson

The hanging of our TV was top-notch and done on time and on budget. 

Patty and Jim Vucinovich

He goes above and beyond what you would expect, and exemplifies the top-line service you can’t get from the big shops. 

Scott and Mary Berg

George has been extremely conscientious regarding teaching us how to operate the new entertainment system. 

Geoffrey H. Steere

Once again I have reason to praise the customer service provided by George Pro of Pro Sound and Vision. 

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